Single purpose sites are all the rage. It’s funny, because at a time when the web is more complex and full of information than ever before, there has been a return to simplicity.

So what is a single purpose site exactly? Well, what does it sound like? It’s a website that serves one purpose. The best ones do what they were intended to do really, really well. Here are some of our favorites.

Let Me Google That For You.

LMGTFY is a snarky site that essentially allows you to answer a friend’s question by googling their question and then reveling your process for discovering the answer. It’s a tongue in cheek way of saying, “you could have just looked this up yourself”. The description states: For all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves. The site is funny and well-made.



Do I Need an Umbrella?

This single purpose site has the user input their zip code and then reveals whether or not they need an umbrella at that moment based on current local weather conditions. Nothing revolutionary and yet, it’s convenient and quirky. Check out whether or not you need an umbrella today.


Is The Stock Market Open?

This is an example of another simple single purpose site that answers a question for anyone who’s wondering whether or not the stock market is open. It takes into account the site visitor’s timezone and informs them with a very clear “yes” or “no” on the main screen depending on the hour and day of the week.