3 successful SEO marketing strategiesIt seems today there are a million ways to increase your site exposure. New SEO strategies are popping up weekly, some more effective than others. As websites grow, more people are veering away from basic SEO marketing and expanding alternative techniques. This sparks the creation of new strategies that when utilized with the basics, can increase your page rank and overall traffic. Therefore, we should take a look at these growing trends and see if your site can benefit from them.

Coupon Marketing:

With the current economic state, coupon shopping has become widely used. Many shoppers refuse to pay retail and spend hours clipping, printing, and collecting coupons. This trend has increased the use of coupon marketing among SEO professionals. However, coupon marketing is about more than just dangling a deal and hoping someone bites. By registering coupons with known coupon distributors such as couponchief.com and retailmenot.com, you are able to reach a customer base that was once foreign. The bargain shoppers receive these coupons through emails as well as Google search results. Since these sites are instantly indexed as new coupons are created, there is little wait for your marketing to take effect.

Along with a wider range of prospective traffic, these coupon sites build backlinks that are solid. With your site address posted to their site, your page rank increases. Since these sites have grown in popularity in the last 3 years, their rank is more than enough to be beneficial.

Credit Card Marketing:

Many sites seem to stay away from credit card marketing due to the bad wrap it has gotten from spammers. However, by choosing the proper credit card affiliates you will be able to increase your traffic with credible backlinks. Larger banking institutions allow for affiliate programs which allow you to offer benefits and rewards people may not get otherwise.

With the current rise in bank fees, credit processing fees, and ATM charges, many consumers are looking for an alternative to their current bank. This is a great time to research credible credit card merchants and find one that you can utilize for SEO marketing and increasing your traffic.

Social Networking:

Using the trend of social networking has become a highly respectful and successful means of SEO. By creating discounts on Facebook, tweeting your latest news on Twitter, and getting LinkedIn, you are exposing your site the possibility of a massive traffic increase. Combined with other SEO strategies you can create a page following beyond the occasional browser.

Many are utilizing coupon marketing with Facebook since their promotion of Facebook Coupons. For those selling items, this is a great way to increase sales. However, it is also a great tool for those who monetized their blogs, are offering discounted affiliate deals, and are looking for a way to increase traffic to their sites. By creating fan-based coupons, discount codes, and Facebook fan-only deals, you can require members to “Like” your page before seeing the deal.

Creating a new tab in Facebook

The most popular way of creating these fan-based deals is by creating a new tab in Facebook that requires members to “Like” their page. Here are instructions on how to create that:

1. Log into your Facebook page and type “Static HTML: Iframe Tabs” in the search bar. Click the first search result in the dropdown list.
2. Next click the “Add Static HTML to a Page” button and select the page from the drop down list. This will take you to your Facebook page.
3. On your page click on “Edit Page”, navigate to the “Apps” section and click on “Edit Settings” for the “Static HTML: IFrame Tabs” application. You will get a pop-up for you to enter the custom tab name. Enter the name you want visible on your tab and click “Save” then click “Okay”
4. Next the “Static HTML” editor will load and you will need to click the “Enable FBML” box if it isn’t already selected.
5. In the editors “Enter your Content Here” box you will need to type or paste the following code:

<fb:visible-to-connection>   <img src=”YOUR COUPON IMAGE URL”>   <fb:else>   <img src=”URL TO AN IMAGE TELLING THEM TO LIKE PAGE FIRST”>   <fb:else>   <fb:visible-to-connection>

6. The first URL you replace will be to your coupon image. The second URL will be to another image you create advising them to “Like” you page first. Once they “Like” your page, the coupon will be visible under that tab. Each time you want to change your coupon you will need to change the first image URL with your new coupon image. After entering the URL’s click “Save and View Tab”. The page will load showing you what your new fans will see when they “Like” your page.

For those who just want to increase traffic without offering coupons or discounts, this technique can be used for anything you want you entice members with. It could be as simple as a new and interesting post on your blog where you use the title to entice them to click “Like”, or it can be a product review for something new. Whatever you want to use to convince them that it is worth it to click “Like” is up to you.

In the ever changing world of SEO, many are starting trends that will last long into the future. Following the current economic state, new products, and the trends of blog readers will increase your options for SEO marketing and allow a more versatile strategy. Take a look into your current SEO marketing plan and see if you have room for more.