While we’re certainly not out of the woods with the COVID-19 pandemic, reports are showing a reduction in cases for many states. That’s not cause to lighten your prevention efforts, though. To see the end of COVID-19, we all must stay vigilant and not slack on CDC recommendations. While we’re not at the beginning, we are still in the middle, and we can get us to the end by following these four practices to help prevent further spread. 


Wear your mask…still.


Yes, it’s a bit uncomfortable. Yes, it’s inconvenient to remember to bring every time you leave the house. But mask usage has been proven to prevent virus transference and is most effective when all parties in a shared space where one. Masks are only effective, however, when worn properly, so make sure yours is worn over both your nose and mouth. 


Maintain social distance. 


Six feet of separation are recommended between people not from the same household. This can be difficult to maintain in crowded places, so avoid them if you can. Consider doing necessary shopping during off hours, and stay home as much as possible. 


Keep your hands clean.


Sounds easy, right? But you may not be practicing good hand hygiene as well as you think. Our hands pick up countless germs a day and spread them not only to ourselves but everything else we touch. Wash your hands often when outside your home, avoid touching your face, and be mindful of what your hands are touching — and potentially spreading. 


Consider an authorized home saliva test kit. 


If you’re experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, you may want to enlist the help of a home saliva test kit to get answers. A coronavirus testing kit uses your saliva sample to determine a positive diagnosis. Within 72 hours of the lab receiving your saliva sample, you’ll receive your secure results digitally. If you receive a positive diagnosis, you’ll want to follow up with your doctor and follow CDC guidelines concerning quarantine to ensure you don’t infect anyone else. 

These measures aren’t convenient, but they are effective. The more we all do our part in prevention, the quicker we can see an end to COVID-19.