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The quest to find the very best living quarters is still alive within the hearts of people around the world. Consumers want to find a home that meets all of their needs. There are a number of options, of course. Everything from a single family home, to an apartments, to a houseboat!

Ultimately, choosing an apartment over a house has several advantages to it. The following is a listing of seven of those reasons:

1. No Property Taxes

One element of owning a house that puts a dent in a consumer’s wallet is the property taxes. Property taxes are due every year whether the consumer pays for the home or not. Apartment renters never have to worry about such an expense.

2. Available Maintenance

A homeowner must take care of all property repairs. The repairs may include plumbing repairs, AC repairs, foundation repairs and more. Apartment complexes usually have on-site maintenance persons, and tenants can receive immediate assistance for their problems.

3. Freedom to Move

An apartment renter may sign a lease for one year, but a homeowner is tied to the property until he or she can sell it. Situations such as family growth, job changes and economic fluctuations may make a tenant want to move. It is much easier for an apartment tenant to dissolve a lease than it is for a homeowner to sell a house.

4. Closeness to Neighbors

The distance between one apartment and the next is usually short enough that  neighbors can become friends or even keep an eye on each other’s places. Daytime crime is less likely to occur in an apartment complex setting due to the proximity of the units.

5. Amenities

Apartments offer many amenities that can be enjoyable for the entire family. Such amenities include services such as outdoor pools, fitness centers and laundry rooms. Renters at luxury apartment complexes like Crystal Square in Crystal City, Virginia can save money on these features by opting to live in a community that offers them to residents at a reasonable price.

6. Security

A vast majority of apartment complexes have security systems in place. They usually have one or all of the following security features: electronic gates, security guards, or security cameras. A person who moves into a home will not have security in place unless he or she purchases it.

7. Eco-Friendly Services

Many apartment complexes offer eco-friendly services such as trash pickup and removal, recycling and energy-efficient appliances.

Finding the right housing can be difficult with so many options available. Although there are a many benefits that come with owning a home, living in an apartment may be the better choice for some. Keeping an open mind is essential in searching for housing.