There’s no doubt that recycling makes a major difference in keeping the environment clean and healthy. However, what if there were a way to reuse an item without breaking it down to its primary materials?

Actually, there’s an easy way to do that; it’s called upcycling. Rather than spending the energy to break down and reuse an old item, upcycling repurposes items as they are, making new, exciting things out of old, abandoned “junk.”

There are countless ways to upcycle, but gardening has to be one of the best. There are tons of potential ways to use old items in a hip upcycled garden – especially if you live in a small urban space.

Use the graphic below as a starting point to get some ideas for an upcycled urban garden of your own. From old license plates to trashed wine crates, the possibilities are limitless.

DIY Urban Gardening with Recycled Items