Working is part of most American’s daily lives. We wake up, go to work, come home and start the cycle again the next day. Sometimes it may seem like an endless cycle, something a lot of people hope to one day escape. But if the option to not work isn’t in the cards for you, maybe you just need to switch it up and make your work life a little more exciting. 

One option you have is to take your work life overseas, where the PTO might be greater and the work/life balance is better. Cap Relo, a full service relocation service company recently put together a guide on work visa laws around the world and it’s quite useful if you are thinking about relocating for work.

Always keep in mind to obtain a work visa in another country, you will most likely have to go through an extensive background check and interview process. An interview is required in 7 of the countries Cap Relo looked at and a criminal background check is required in 21 of the countries.

If you are working in another country, you never want to overstay your visa. Always remember that visas have lengths of time that they are valid for. The shortest length of work visa validity is in Belgium, where a work visa is only valid for 90 days. The countries with the longest work visa validity are in South Africa, Slovakia, and Australia, where work visas are valid for 5 years. In the United States, work visas are only valid for 1 year, however, this aligns with many other countries.

Moving to another country for work can get you out of a funk and really open your eyes to new experiences and cultures. It’s never a bad idea to expand your horizons, just remember to follow the laws and do your research.