Being a player on an NFL team comes with a lot of perks: endorsement deals, adoring fans, and yes a very large paycheck.

Have you ever thought about who from your state has made it big in the NFL? A lot of the time, players play for teams that are nowhere near their home state. After college, they take the best deal they can get and off they go to their new state.

In a recent analysis done by, they found the highest-paid NFL player “born” in every state and in the spirit of football season, we figured we would share those findings.


If you are from Alabama, California, D.C., Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Ohio, or Washington you may have greater chances of making it big one day. Those are the states with the highest paid players. Unfortunately, if you are from West Virginia, Utah, North Dakota, New Hampshire, or Idaho your chances aren’t that great. But don’t worry, these players still make over $600,000.