Barbeque. One of America’s favorite ways of cooking food and one of America’s favorite sauces. Known to cause an argument or two over which type of sauce is best, there is a spicy debate about the ultimate barbeque sauce. While this isn’t an argument that’s likely ever going to be solved, one thing remains certain: backyard barbeques are one of the most all-American pastimes that exist. From hot dogs to hamburgers, the food you usually find at these get-togethers is purely American.

So, what are the most popular foods you’ll find at a tailgate, barbecue, or when your neighbor is grilling out? This fun infographic by Treetopia shows the most popular bbq food in each state.

top searched bbq food by state infographic

Watermelon Wins 

Are you surprised watermelon is the number one top-searched food for barbeques this year? We were! However, after taking a look at what kinds of recipes have been trending this past season for watermelon, it makes sense. Watermelon makes for a great add-in to summer salads, side dishes, and even as garnish or flavoring for mixed drinks.

Check out this recipe for a zesty watermelon salsa and this refreshing watermelon salad

Hamburgers Come in Second Place

While watermelon and fruit salad is popular on the east coast and throughout the midwest, the west coast has another opinion. Hamburgers are the second-most searched item, winning California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington state. Cheeseburgers, while not as searched for as plain burgers, were the top searched item in one state. 

Barbeque Ribs Are Another Favorite

If you love barbeque, you probably have a preferred flavor. Whether that’s eastern Carolina barbecue or Kansas City style, you probably have a favorite you slather on a slab of ribs you’re going to throw on the grill. With that being said, it’s easy to see why people are searching for ribs. Midwesterners are searching for ribs the most with this food winning five states. 

Next time you’re attending a barbeque or hosting one, this fun study can serve as your ultimate shopping list. Check out the other infographics in this study here.