pokerstarsPoker is HUGELY popular, and the online poker industry is continuing to explode. Boys and men all over the world are signing up with the dream of becoming the next Daniel Negreanu. I don’t yet play poker online but I must say I’m tempted to start, it’s one of those dreamy things that sets a person thinking they could become rich over night. I have to offer warning about online gambling only in the context that you must watch for shady and new poker sites and only put your money where it will be safe. At last count I would suspect there to be at least a dozen legit big name poker sites for you to gamble at online. If I could recommend only one based on my limited research it would be at poker stars. I checked earlier and discovered an astounding 200,878 players currently online!

PokerStars was established in the Netherlands in 2004, there are more cash game tables at PokerStars than anywhere else on the internet, and famous players like Daniel Negreanu, Greg Raymer and Chris Moneymaker all make there online poker homes here and can actually be found playing from time to time as well. PokerStars is the BIGGEST online poker operator in the world, and thus has built itself an established reputation.

Online rumors abound about shady poker sites with rigged systems, so if you’re at all considering jumping into the online poker world, do yourself a favor and go where you can rest assured you’ll get paid out when you win! PokerStars has an excellent customer support team, though the only method of contacting them is via email. Research shows that customer sent emails are always answered promptly and professionally. To the best of my knowledge, PokerStars has yet to drop the ball on a legitimate customer service complaint. This reveals an incredible reputation and is a significant factor in PokerStars’ success.

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