Everyone is after free music downloads these days, and there are a multitude of ways to do this, though the vast majority of them are not technically legal it doesn’t seem to stop anyone. You can always test drive songs before buying, and if that’s something you’re wanting to do quickly and easily, without P2P (peer to peer) software, without having to download any additional programs, without having to register for a website, or type in silly captchas then this short little video will explain to you how you can get totally free and fast music (mp3) downloads, starting at google.com

Free song download:

Instructions for free music downloads:

Step 1: Open up your web browser of choice.
Step 2: Go to google.com
Step 3: Insert name of desired band followed by song or album followed by the kicker “site:mediafire.com
Step 4: Select the link that looks like it will lead to what you are looking for.
Step 5: Once MediaFire processes the request just click “download”