dofollow the importance of pagerankIf you’re familiar with the term backlinks, you know how important they are to the ranking of your website. If you don’t know what backlinking is, you’ll need to do some research because it’s essential that you start working on them for your website. Basically, the more you disseminate your website URL on the Internet, the better Google ranks your site. One of the best ways to get your URL out into the Internet is through blog commenting. It’s a great way to have your URL on as many websites as possible since blogs are starting to become more popular than actual websites. It can also bring in more traffic because of all the commenters that visit the blogs.

Commenting on Websites with High PageRank

Here’s the tricky part of it though, blog commenting on any blog you find isn’t what will get your website on the first page of Google. What will boost your page rank or PR is blog commenting on websites with high PR. Google decided that URLs on websites that have a PR should receive more prestige than URLs on websites with a low PR. It’s just like life. If you hang out with people who are losers, you won’t gain as much regard as if you hang out with the elites of society.

Your mission is to find blogs in your niche with the highest PR as possible and get your URL on it. When Google crawls that high PR site, it will follow your link, go to your site, and immediately index your site. While it won’t immediately consider your site as a higher PR, with time and collection of URLs on high PR sites, your site’s acclaim will rise.

Finding the PageRank of a Site

Your next question may be how you know what the PR of a site is. It’s easy these days with plugins for IE, Firefox and Chrome. Just search for the PR plugins for each of these browsers. You can also use the PR search engine to check on each site’s ranking. It’s called the Google Page Rank Checker. Simply input the site’s website URL and within seconds you’ll know the PR. Are you still with me? Now that you know you need backlinks, you can blog comment to get them, which you should comment on high PR sites, there’s just one more piece of the puzzle you need to know before you’re on your way to boosting your website to the top of Google ranking – DoFollow.

The Importance of DoFollow

When you input your URL into a high PR site, it may not mean anything. Yes, I’m sorry, it’s true. If it’s not a DoFollow blog, your URL will just sit there and do nothing for your site. It’s called a NoFollow site. To check on DoFollow, you can check the source of the page by clicking on the right mouse button and click on page source. If you scan the contents of the coding, you should see the DoFollow or NoFollow. If you’re looking for some DoFollow blogs, you can use a DoFollow search engine. One that I use is but there are others that you can try. Now that you have the knowledge, go out there and use it. You are on your way to getting the traffic you need to make the profits you want.

Marcelina Hardy, a freelance writer who specializes in Hedge Funds and Emerging Markets, wrote this guest blog.