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Random tid-bits

CBC Radio 2 Drive with Rich Terfry

Thought I’d give a mention to my favorite radio program right now. CBC Radio 2 Drive with Rich Terfry airs on 105.7 fm (in Langley, BC) between 3:30-6:30 weekdays. What do you listen to on the radio? What is your favorite radio station? DJ? Follow on twitter @CBCR2Drive Some recent favorites airing on CBCR2Drive are,...

The People of the Second Chance

This is a blog I spend time visiting regularly. I find it quite refreshing and light-hearted, though they deal with some real issues of life. Here is a video promo I quite liked. Check out their site: People of the Second Chance.

Sex or Jesus what’s more popular?

I find the pre-occupation with sex in America & Europe quite startling, and shows how culture has effectively conditioned us into thinking that sex is the 'ultimate' experience in life.

Queen & Vanilla Ice duel it out

I had to post this, it’s gotta be one of my favorite You Tube finds ever. Though it has been around for years, I am still entertained everytime I see it. enjoy!

Kraft Cheese’s “Ready to Roll” Sweepstakes Problem (1989)

This contest involved matching game cards that were obtained in packages of cheese. There was one grand prize, a minivan, which was to be awarded, however a printing error (of course!) resulted in about 2 million packages of cheese with winning game cards. Kraft responded by canceling the contest, they were of course sued and...

Pepsi Contest Problems

Pepsi Bottle Cap Sweepstakes (1992) In the early ’90’s Pepsi was seeking opportunities to increase sales in the Phillipines. Part of their marketing strategies included a bottle cap sweepstakes which would award 18 prizes of $32,000 to customers with winning bottle caps. Of course a computer error resulted in aprox 750,000 winning bottle caps being...

The imperial history of the middle east.

Who has controlled the Middle East over the course of history? Pretty much everyone. Egyptians, Turks, Jews, Romans, Arabs, Persians, Europeans…the list goes on. Who will control the Middle East today? That is a much bigger question. This short flash confirms what Christians have always known… Israel is the center of the world. More like...

The Process of determining the MOST awesome thing ever…

TIME: The process of determining the Most Awesome Thing Ever | … Check it out! This site was visited by 2.5 million people within its first week of launch. Pointless? A deeper look into the psyche of humanity? You tell me. Follow it on twitter @awesomestthing

Hockey Night in Canada

Tonight is game #1, Vancouver Canucks vs the Chicago Blackhawks. I’m personally looking forward to this series, since the Canucks have a chance to redeem themselves. Follow @cbcsports on twitter.