I found this originally posted on the blog People of the Second Chance. Take a look at their blog (Radical grace in life and leadership).

I find the pre-occupation with sex in America & Europe quite startling, and shows how culture has effectively conditioned us into thinking that sex is the ‘ultimate’ experience in life.
Perhaps there are other reasons for the lack of prevalence of sexual searches in places like India, and South America, but I’m certain that this is a direct effect of cultural emphasis.

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I was fascinated by this. Floating Sheep generated this graph which represents online references to one search term more than others.

Green circle represents more references to Allah than Buddha, Hindu, Jesus or sex.

1. America is more interested in sex than Jesus. Same with Europe.

2. India is searching for Hindu more than anything else.

3. Africa doesn’t have the internet yet. (just kidding)

4. South America is searching for Jesus.

Your thoughts? Are you surprised?