Tip #4, firefox.
Firefox is by far the most superior of all browsers on the web (opinion). If you are still surfing with Internet Explorer, or have got sucked into Google Chrome, or if you run a PC and decided to use Safari (because you wish you had a mac) you are using an inferior browser. (Yes I am supremely biased on this one). But firefox is fast, does a great job of blocking pop-ups, organizes your bookmarks, stores your passwords, restores your sessions, has customizable add-ons, etc… This tip is going to be a two for one, because I am still surprised at how few people surf the web and do not utilize tabbed browsing. Of course almost all browsers allow for tabbed browsing now, but firefox is certainly the fastest. When surfing the web inside firefox press CTRL+T to start a new tab, you will note that the page you were on stays open, and a new page opens up in a tab beside it (as I write this I have six tabs open). Tabbed browsing will make your web surfing experience that much more sweet. There is so much I could say about firefox, and why I feel it is a superior browser in every way. Start tooling around with firefox today, and I guarantee you’ll thank me
Check it out: firefox features.

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