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How to approach different cultures via Social Media

How to approach different cultures via Social Media

The phenomenon of social media is constantly growing, and any digital marketer worth their salt knows that it’s a valuable medium for promoting brands, services, and products. Another well-established fact is that social media is now almost completely globalized — every country with internet access now has significant audiences on one social network or another....

Sex or Jesus what’s more popular?

I find the pre-occupation with sex in America & Europe quite startling, and shows how culture has effectively conditioned us into thinking that sex is the 'ultimate' experience in life.

Church: it’s gotta be convenient & serve you.

How does your Church serve you? Finding the right Church is all about making sure your Church feeds you, and meets yours and your families needs right? Or is that right? Lately my family and I have been seeking a Church to attend. So, we’ve been wrestling with the question, “what are we looking for...

Twitter Is About News, Not Social Media

Researchers say that the site is set up like a traditional news media outlet and can’t be defined as a social network. by Anton Gonsalves (original article posted on Information Week, May 5, 2010) Twitter has evolved into a major distributor of timely information, as opposed to a social network, making the microblogging site an...