Tip #7, f-secure. (Tomorrow is the last & greatest PC Tip ever!)

F-Secure is an online virus & malware scanner. The reason I’m recommending it here as a tip is because f-secure has one primary advantage to the virus scanner already on your computer (like AVG or whatever you may be running). F-Secure is run from a server that is untouched by anything on your computer. Sometimes your computer can get so infected, that even your virus software is compromised. F-secure can not be compromised by anything on your system. I like running an f-secure scan every couple months, or whenever an issue could be developing on my system. You should note, my computer runs as fast or faster than it did the day I bought it, because I keep it optimized & clean… yours can to, and if it’s not – the reason is NOT because it’s old, it’s because it’s bogged down. Running an f-secure scan is a good way of ensuring that nothing has snuck past your virus software.

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