Healthy eating means something different for everyone. Whether that be cutting out carbs and sugars, eating a paleo diet, or going on juice cleanse, we all have our own way of doing things to achieve the results we want.

And depending on your chosen method of eating healthy and where you currently reside, you’re likely to have a far different experience than someone else when finding options that fit with your diet. With the rise of dining out and food delivery services coupled with the popularity in health foods, the demand is higher than ever for restaurants to cater to those with varying diet preferences.

To find out where the healthiest cities for dining out are in America, Vitagene conducted a study that looks at the best places for juice and smoothie bars, sushi, vegetarian, vegan, and raw food restaurants.


Coming in at the top as the healthiest places to dine out were Atlanta, Hartford, Las Vegas, Portland, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tampa, Orlando, and Salt Lake City. With the amount of unhealthy southern food options in the Atlanta region, this may be quite surprising for some. Many of these cities also happen to be the best place for juice and smoothie bars, one of the most popular health trends of today. 


Looking for healthy options in these cities? Try again. Washington D.C., Indianapolis, Houston, Jacksonville, Memphis, New York, Milwaukee, Dallas, Tucson, and Columbus came out at the bottom of the analysis with the least amount of healthy dining options. And while this isn’t to say healthy dining isn’t possible at all in these cities, be prepared for a smaller pool of options. 


If you live in a city whose options are plentiful when it comes to catering to your diet, consider yourself lucky. For instance, those that are on the vegan diet and live in Hartford, Portland, Atlanta, Tampa, or Salt Lake City have the best chances of finding vegan-friendly foods when dining out.


All in all, if you’re looking for somewhere to eat that can cater to almost anyone’s diet preferences, Atlanta, Georgia is your place. It’s the mecca of healthy dining according to this study, being not only the best place to healthfully dine out but also ranking in the top five for four out of five different restaurant types.