Welcome to information carnivore… a collection of random trivia, statistics, and other interesting tid-bits and minutiae from around the world. The blog is now being built… stick with us and hopefully we’ll have something of interest in the near future!

I have always been an information junkie. The goal of a blog such as this is simply a place for me to collect current, relevant, information that I find intriguing and stimulating and applicable in pop-culture. Submissions and suggestions are welcomed. This blog is in it’s infancy at the moment, and as such is clearly limited in content. Hopefully as time progresses, I will be able to add content on a regular basis, and you’ll be interested in sticking with us and expanding your knowledge. I am a married, father of two and live in Langley BC, Canada. I work part-time as a painter, part-time in PC repairs, and part-time in Christian ministry.