As much as we love the gold necklace we got for Christmas, nothing feels quite as amazing as wearing jewelry crafted with our birthstone. Birthstones are cherished by wearers not only because of their inherent beauty and charm, but also because of their personal connection to the months that individuals were born in. To highlight more about birthstones, jewelry company Shane Co. created a study that reveals the most popular birthstone by state, along with how costly some of these gems can be. 

The most popular birthstone across the United States is peridot, the gem made for those born in August. Peridot is most common in a total 40 states, including New York and California, proving just how common August babies are. A great thing about peridot is that it’s one of the more affordable birthstones. This light-green gem is priced at around $195 on average. In comparison to other birthstones whose price range begins in the thousands, peridot undeniably has a more modest, alluring price point. So being born in the steaming hot month of August does have its benefits. 

Finding its way to second place as the next most common birthstone is emerald, the birthstone dedicated to those born in May. Emerald is most common in Hawaii, Idaho, and 3 other states, with an average price range of $800. Even though emerald isn’t as economical as peridot, it’s deep green hue and natural glimmer can entice any May baby to invest in such a purchase. 

Coming in third place is ruby with a total of 3 states holding this red gem as their most common birthstone. Unfortunately, ruby, the gem belonging to those born in July, is the priciest birthstone of all. July babies will have to pay a hefty $3,000 per carat to become an official owner of this highly cherished gem. If you want to see how much you can expect to shell out for your birthstone and how common it is, check out the full Shane Co. study here!