Confidence is the unique feeling of self-assurance and boldness entangled in one. It decides whether we swell with glory when walking into a crowded room, or shy away doubtfully, feeling unsure of ourselves. Either way, we all fall somewhere on the spectrum of confidence, and it’s natural we each have a variance.

Having a personal interest in confidence levels, Spruce conducted a nation-wide survey to find out which are the most and least confident states in the U.S. To do this, participants in each state rated their confidence level on a scale of 1 to 10.

The most confident state in the nation was Hawaii with a score of 7.78. This may be attributed to the Aloha State’s zen atmosphere, island-lifestyle, and beautiful waters – so if you want to channel that inner confidence, it may be time to clear your mind at the beach and meditate your worries away. Trailing close behind, Louisiana makes its way to second place with a confidence score of 7.77. This comes as no surprise when we remember this state is home to the eccentric and ‘event-among-itself’ city, New Orleans. As we all know, New Orleans proudly hosts the unforgettable celebration of Mardi Gras and attracts many diverse audiences. If we want to come close to having the same confidence as a Louisianan and New Orleans dweller, it’s time to forget about the status quo and wear that eye-catching outfit we’ve been too nervous to put on. Despite the difference in where these states sit on a map, their inhabitants still assert themselves as confident individuals thanks to the culture each location uniquely promotes.

On the other hand, not every state shares the same confidence level as Hawaii and Louisiana. The least confident state in the nation was Massachusetts with an average score of 5.96. This may come as a surprise to those aware of the livelihood in the popular city, Boston, and the presence of esteemed educational institutions like Harvard University. The second least confident state was Oregon, scoring exactly 6 in confidence, and the next states in line were Washington D.C, West Virginia, and Delaware, who all scored under 6.20. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, it’s time to give these states a confidence boost.

If you want to see where the confidence level in your state falls, check out the full study here!