It’s no secret that finding the person you end up marrying can be difficult. From dozens of Tinder matches, awkward first dates, and failed relationships, most people have had their fair share of disappointment. Dating isn’t necessarily cheap, either — a night out, which can include a meal and possibly some other activity such as a movie, can be expensive for two people. With the combination of going on multiple dates with multiple people, the money spent starts to add up.


Eventually, you’ll stop dating other people once you stick with the person you end up marrying, or ‘the one.’ But, how much money did you spend to get to that point? With that in mind, recently published an analysis ranking the cities that spend the most on dates before finding ‘the one.’ did this based on survey results of the average number of dates people go on before finding ‘the one’ paired with the average cost of a date night in every city. With this, they were able to find the cities where people spend the most money to find ‘the one’ for both men and women. See the results below:


The most expensive cities to find ‘the one’ for men and women:


  1. New York City
  2. San Francisco
  3. San Jose
  4. Seattle
  5. Miami
  6. Washington, D.C.
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Boston
  9. Sacramento
  10. San Diego


In these cities, people spend anywhere from just under $600 to over $700 on dates before finding ‘the one.” Men spend more money than women, on average, although there isn’t a significant difference between the two.


In the end, you won’t stop spending money on dates once you find your soulmate. In a good relationship, you’ll continue to do things like going out to eat, going to the movies, and more. The money will just be much more worth spending!


To see the full study, click here.