You’d be hard up to find an American who hasn’t watched at least one of the many reality television programs. They’re incredibly common and appear across a variety of networks. The topic of these shows can vary from completing challenges, like Survivor, to battling for a model job, like America’s Next Top Model, and even to cooking competitions, which often err on side of drama-filled reality TV. Most are focused around the idea of “finding love,” whether that’s Rock of Love, I Love New York, or — what’s airing right now — The Bachelorette.

So, what does it take to win one of these shows? It’s based around skill in the competition-based shows, but the love-focused ones are more nebulous in nature. The goal is to find “the one,” which isn’t something anyone can define, not even the person doing the picking. It’s about so-called chemistry, compatibility… the list of undefined attributes goes on. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make predictions based on history.

A new set of graphics from reveals it just what it takes to win on one of these television programs. In this case, it’s focused specifically around contestants on The Bachelorette. The analysis took the roster from every past season to see which names, hometowns, ages, and professions are most common, as well as the average number of roses each. (For those unfamiliar with the program: a rose is awarded each time someone isn’t eliminated and moves to the next round.)

When looking at the names, the most common may not surprise you. They’re pretty typical names in the United States. The top five are Chris (14 contestants), Ryan (13 contestants), Brian (12 contestants), Josh (7 contestants), and Nick/Ben (tie, 6 contestants). The most “rose-worthy” names are a little different, however. The top five are Ben (5.33 roses), Tanner (4.0 roses), Nick (4.0 roses), Chris (3.69 roses), and Ryan (3.63 roses).

It’s even more interesting when you compare the places that contestants come from. The most common state is California, with a whopping 71 contestants. Dallas, however, has produced the most contestants (12) when looking at the data based on cities. The hometown that gives you the best chance of winning? A totally different city, Denver, whose contestants earn 3.67 roses on average.

Age-wise, it seems that the Bachelorette tends to choose a more mature man. The most common age at the time of the show is 27, but the one most likely to win is 31. Finally, the professions with the best chance for the final rose are insurance (6.0 roses), veterans (4.25 roses), and pharmaceutical sales representatives (4.14 roses).

So, are you ready to join a reality television show? Unfortunately, it seems that some have a better chance of winning than others.