If your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, then it makes sense why you would want more than just memories of it. Couples have been doing this throughout recorded history but since the invention of the camera, photography has been a mainstay for most people. These days choosing a photographer is a standard step in the planning process and one of the most important. With the rise of digital technology and high-quality, relatively inexpensive cameras, there are plenty of photographers to choose from. But once the day is done, what do couples do with their wedding photos?

A survey from a custom framing company, Framebridge, shed some light on the question. They asked couples nationwide about some of the habits and preferences when it came to wedding photography and engagement photography. They also asked about wedding videos which have become more elaborate and cinematic in recent years.

These are a few of their findings:

When it came to proposal or engagement photography, there were a few interesting results. Most people said they did not have a photographed proposal at all (about 67%). 17% of people said they had a professional photograph their proposal and 16% said they had an amateur.

For wedding photography, most people said that they prefer posed photos to more candid, natural photos, but the results were almost the same (55% to 45%). Additionally, 30% of people said that posed photos of the bride and groom were the most important.

When it came to what people do with their photos and videos, there were a few interesting results. They found that 29% of couples had 500-1000 pictures taken at their wedding. Afterwards, the same percentage of couples print about 100 photographs. Then, finally, about 32% of couples actually frame and display between 2 and 5 photos.

Finally, they looked at the cost of a wedding photographer versus the number of framed pictures. In the end, it was pretty much a no. Couples tend to frame around the same amount no matter how much they spend.

Photos are an important part of the wedding and an important part of a couple’s life. They are tangible memories of a big event. Often times they are heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. Trends shift and change over time, but thanks to the folks at Framebridge, we have a clearer picture.