Summer is a time when school is out, the weather is warm, and there are plenty of things to do. Luckily, many of these can be done with a pup. Hopefully you’re not one of the many that struggle with dog dander allergies, and even better if you’re someone that owns a dog.

This summer, you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home to have fun. There are a variety of summer activities that you can do with your pet — it just depends on what you and your dog would enjoy. Of course, consider how your dog will behave at the activity. If it’s something that will spook or overwhelm them, it’s probably best to skip it for their sake.

If You’re Outdoorsy: Hiking / Camping

Going on a hike is like a walk upgrade. Your dog will get some new scenery, a longer activity, and will likely meet some strangers along the way. If you’re even more adventurous (and if your dog would enjoy it), you can try camping at a local spot overnight.

If You Like Going Out: Breweries

Craft breweries are incredibly trendy right now, and for good reason. They’re a relatively inexpensive and relaxed activity, and many have outdoor patio areas. All of it is just perfect for summer. Even better, many are dog-friendly (especially those with an outdoor setting). If your pup enjoys attention from strangers, this is a great option.

If You Live Near the Coast: The Beach

Not all beaches are necessarily dog-friendly, but lots of them are! If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, the beach is likely a great option for you and your pup. Find one close by, then set out to enjoy a relaxed day outside. Just make sure to bring doggy bags to make sure to clean up when needed.

If You Like Sports: Dog-Friendly Baseball Games

You may not know this if you aren’t an avid baseball fan, but many MLB teams have dog-friendly games where fans are encouraged to bring their dog. The Dodgers, for example, have Pups In The Park. This isn’t a great fit for a shy dog, but if your pup enjoys attention from strangers and likes meeting other dogs, it’s a fun summer activity.