It’s always heartbreaking when a beloved musical artist passes away, whether it’s unexpected or not. There are some musicians that contribute such great works of art to our society, to a point where it actually impacts the collective culture. With top music managers by their side to help them navigate the industry, like Coran Capshaw for example, these artists are unstoppable. Most people would wish these artists could live on and make music forever. Sadly, this just isn’t possible — everyone is human.

The t-shirt company Custom Ink decided to figure out where musicians who have passed away are missed most across the United States, and created images to visualize the results. Since Infocarnivore is focused on appreciating infographics, we wanted to feature the one from this study today. You’ll find it below:


Some of these results make a lot of sense while others may make you scratch your head. Aretha Franklin, for example, has a huge association with Detroit, so it makes sense she’s #1 in Michigan. Who knew that Johnny Cash was so popular in the midwest though, including North and South Dakota?


Below are all of the state-by-state results from the study:

Alabama – Hank Williams
Alaska – Lemmy from Motorhead
Arizona – Chester Bennington from Linkin Park
Arkansas – Johnny Cash
California – Nate Dogg
Colorado – Avicii
Connecticut  – Avicii
Delaware – Biggie Smalls
District of Columbia – Whitney Houston
Florida – Avicii
Georgia – Gregg Allman
Hawaii – Bob Marley
Idaho – Glenn Frey from The Eagles
Illinois Freddie Mercury
Indiana – Glenn Frey from The Eagles
Iowa Freddie Mercury
Kansas – Glenn Frey from The Eagles
Kentucky – Malcolm Young from AC/DC
Louisiana – Tupac
Maine – Jim Morrison
Maryland – David Bowie
Massachusetts – Avicii
Michigan – Aretha Franklin
Minnesota – Prince
Mississippi – Elvis Presley
Missouri – Chuck Berry
Montana – Johnny Cash
Nebraska – Malcolm Young from AC/DC
Nevada – Michael Jackson
New Hampshire – Ronnie James Dio
New Jersey – Frank Sinatra
New Mexico – Jim Morrison
New York – Biggie Smalls
North Carolina – Glenn Frey from The Eagles
North Dakota – Johnny Cash
Ohio – Janis Joplin
Oklahoma – Merle Haggard
Oregon – David Bowie
Pennsylvania  – Freddie Mercury
Rhode Island – Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd
South Carolina – Tupac
South Dakota – Johnny Cash
Tennessee – Elvis Presley
Texas – Freddie Mercury
Utah – Freddie Mercury
Vermont – Jerry Garcia
Virginia – Michael Jackson
Washington – Kurt Cobain
West Virginia – George Jones
Wisconsin – Lemmy from Motorhead
Wyoming – Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip