Another baseball season is winding down. But, this has been an enjoyable postseason. The World Series in particular has been an interesting series (so far). The Red Sox have a commanding 3-1 lead, but like many things in baseball, if a few plays went differently, we might be looking at an entirely different story. The Red Sox took care of business at home in two exciting games. In Los Angeles, the Dodgers won the first game, a marathon 18-inning doozy. In Game 4, the Red Sox had a dramatic comeback.

Taking a step back as the season comes to a close, it was another great season for baseball. There were plenty of highs and lows and dramatic moments. The playoff race in particular was a fight to the finish with the final spots in the National League changing nearly every day. But, in the end, there had to be 10 teams and so there were.

Before the season comes to a close, we wanted to share some amazing playoff art that was shared with us by our friends at Versus Reviews. They shared an amazing graphic design series that both honors the history of the sport and each team as well as the cities they represent. One graphic was made for each team. Each individual piece of artwork has the names of the team’s World Series winners arranged in the skyline of their city (with the exception of the Brewers and the Rockies who have not won a World Series). Underneath the skyline is a “stamp” of the 2018 40-man roster in the cool shape of a baseball bat.

Check out all of the graphics below: