With Halloween officially in the books, you may have watched enough horror movies in the last week to last a lifetime. And if you’re a true Halloween lover, you undoubtedly have a favorite villain and undoubtedly a favorite horror film. You know, the kind set SO spooky that it might take you days, or even weeks to recover after watching said film. No shame.

A recent study answers all the questions you’ve been pondering about which villains and which horror movies are truly the spookiest. The answer?

Well, it kind of depends where you’re from.


Map of most popular villains in each state

When it comes to the most popular villains, your opinion might have a little something to do with where you’re from. If you’re from the West, the South or the North East, for example, there’s a good chance you likely find human villains the most frightening. If this is the case, you’re in good company as human villains are the most popular breed in 18 states. However, if you’re more spooked by aliens or ghosts, there’s a good chance you’re from the North West.

If you haven’t watched all of the horror movies available on streaming services you’re subscribed to (or not), check out the category of horror movies starring humans as the villain.

Here are the top 5 most horrible human villains in horror movies.

Horror Films Set in Your State

Map of the most popular horror movies in each state

What’s scarier than a movie set where you live? As the study found – there isn’t much. In fact, there’s a favorite horror movie set in each state across the country. While the movies weren’t filmed in the area itself, they depict other locations around the U.S.

Some of the most popular movies that were set in each state you’ll find surprising. Close Encounters of the Third Kind happens to be the most popular horror movie set in two states. Does that make sense? Only if the film is set in two places (which for those of you who aren’t horror lovers) – Wyoming and Indiana.

Unsurprisingly, favorites like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and 30 Days of Night show up in their home states of Texas and Alaska, respectively. The map below will take you on a tour of the geography of horror in the United States.