Superstorm Sandy made many people wonder whether or not a post-storm baby-boom is real.

When the lights go out and the heat is off, what do people do while they wait out the storm? Some couples turn to each other for entertainment and warmth, leading to new family members later that year. Then again, people will have babies whether they lose power or not. Demographers, researchers, and even doctors are certainly suggesting the reality of a post-storm baby-boom is up for debate.

Treetopia recently ranked the top 10 “steamiest” snowstorms in U.S. history based on birth rate increases. After analyzing a variety of heavy-hitting snowstorms like Buffalo’s “Snowvember” and Superstorm Sandy, and corresponding birth rate statistics 9-10 months later, the team at Treetopia thinks the blizzard baby boom is real.  

Thanks to this gif, there’s evidence that when people are snowed in or staying in to get away from the winter weather, they’re staying busy too. It emphasizes Snovember’s insane increase of births in the Buffalo area months after the storm. Birth rate statistics reportedly went up 25-30%!

The “steamiest snowstorms” gif effectively showcases the birth rate spike analysis. It also shows a little bit of the methodology of the analysis by commenting on how the birth rate spike stood out against previous or following years’ birth rates for that area. Not only does the gif offer some insight into historic post-storm baby-booms, but it does so with style. The easy-to-read font and complimentary colors are enough to keep a reader zeroed-in for the full list of snowstorms.

Maybe there will be a massive nor’easter or blizzard in another part of the country this winter. If so, researchers will be keeping an eye out for an avalanche of births!