Moving is hard. Trust me, I know. Whether you’re packing up and moving cross country or starting a new lease down the street, the task of moving presents a lot of opportunities- and challenges. Few things are more daunting than having to pack up, and unpack your entire place in a mere couple of days. While the task is intimidating and less than what I would call glamorous, Instagramming your move is becoming the new thing to do. It may seem ultimate millennial move- why would you want to document the day you carried boxes up five flights of stairs?

Sharing your move via social media allows you to fill your followers in on the next chapter of your life. By posting a #movingday photo op, you’re allowing your friends and family to share in the excitement that comes along with taking on a new space. Wondering what city has the most #moving posts? This study dives into the cities where people are most likely to post about their move, and the top 5 most shared moving locations in the cities. It’s no surprise that out of the top 10 locations, half are located in the sunshine state.

Curious about the most tagged #moving locations within America’s favorite cities? Invitation Homes also found the best Instagram spots in what could be the new city you call home. Moving to Orlando? Check out Lake Lucerne for a picturesque photo opp featuring the skyline. Miami? NW 17th Ave and NW 14th St takes the top spot in front of South Beach. If the windy city is your moving destination, I recommend checking out Maggie Daley park for the perfect #moving announcement.

Feeling inspired to document your next move? A change of scenery can be the perfect excuse for a decor revamp. One of the top home decor blogs, Apartment Therapy has amazing design inspiration and DIY hacks. Your new place can be Instagram ready, ASAP.

Where are people #moving to?

That couch you’ve been eyeing for the past year? Looks like it would fit perfectly in your new downtown Atlanta loft. By customizing your new space with personal touches and unique statement pieces, the chore of moving can be transformed. While we all don’t have the follower count of an Instagram model, next time you relocate, channel your inner blogger and share your #move.