The idea of being your own boss is so freeing. With no one to review your weekly timesheet, no managers to assign meaningless tasks, and no “rules” so to speak, becoming an entrepreneur is a dream for many.

If you’re still waiting on your Shark Tank, million dollar deal idea, the right business move for you could be opening a franchise. Owning any business comes with risks but opening a franchise is a low-risk way to “be your own boss”, as they say, while investing your nest egg in a proven business model. Not to mention, many franchises have their own training programs. This means coaching and creating an effective, efficient, and knowledgeable staff is already in the business’ blueprint.

Each year, Entrepreneur puts together an extensive list of the best franchise opportunities. Once this list has been published, many entrepreneurs are interested to know which franchise might be right for them based on a variety of factors. A new study by Franchise Opportunities takes the data a step further by looking at which new franchises are most popular in each state across the country.  

most popular new franchises in the US

In 2018, the most popular franchise overall is Rent-a-Center. This franchise was most searched in 15 states which is more total than any of the other states’ search volumes. Possibly popular for the ease with which consumers can rent whatever they may need from laptops to furniture at this store, Rent-a-Centers are growing in population all around the U.S. Another one of the reasons for the popularity of this franchise could be its low startup cost. In some areas of the country, a Rent-a-Center costs as low as $355,000 to open.

You can see the full study here.