So you’re feeling pretty settled and happy with that special someone and you’re now ready to ask the question and are hoping for an excited Yes! in response. You’ve thought it over and you know when, where, and how you’re going to ask. First things first though, you need to buy a ring, but how do you know where to begin?

Recent research undertaken by the folks at Brilliant Earth looked at the engagement ring preferences of Americans to determine whether diamonds are still a girl’s best friend or if other stones are taking over and competing for that valuable BFF spot.

It seems that a whopping 50% of Americans think that engagement rings no longer need to feature a diamond and would be happy with diamond simulants, a colored gemstone, or even a plain simple band.

Colored gemstones became far more popular when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with Princess Diana’s engagement ring, causing many Americans to rush to buy sapphires, Prince Harry using diamonds in his recent proposal to Meghan Markle will surely have a positive impact on the traditional favorite.

Does an engagement ring always need to feature a diamond?

Interestingly, Americans feelings towards lab created diamonds are becoming increasingly positive with an increase of 8% and a decrease in negative attitudes of 10% from 2015 results. It seems perhaps that Americans are warming up to these ethically grown and environmentally friendly stones and are seeing them as a viable alternative to the traditional diamond.

Rise in popularity of lab created diamonds.

Whatever style ring you end up buying, don’t worry too much as the answer is going to be based on you as a person and not the ring (but I’m sure it helps if you get one she likes!). Good luck asking the big question and fingers crossed you hear a great big ‘Yes!’.