The right credit card for you is based on your own financial situation. That’s why we thought the rewards of these fictional credit cards are fitting — they change based on the needs of the characters in their universes. 

Depending on your favorite fandom universe, there are certain things you’ve probably wished are real. If you’re a horror fan, maybe you’ve thought about the magic (or you know, nightmares) of “Pet Sematary”. If you love superheroes, maybe you’ve imagined how much you could sell your tech inventions like Tony Stark, and have a wallet or bank account to match. 

This fun set of fictional credit cards has us thinking about which rewards we wish were real. 

The Stark Card

Specially designed to suit your superhero needs, who wouldn’t want one of these cards? The reported reward benefit would be that Tony Stark pays the credit card statement when it comes in. And Ironman, the gracious benefactor that he is, doesn’t give anyone a credit limit. 

This is probably the most exciting reward, especially because your average joe could get their hands on one of these. If, you know, they were part of the Avengers. 

M16 Secret Agent Card

Imagine having a credit card that changed to suit your needs of the moment. Need to pay for that new suit? Check. Need to buy plane tickets, first-class, to Japan? Check. 

The financial benefit of this card is that it can change numbers, design, and even types — depending on what the agent needs in that moment. We think this is pretty special and beneficial, albeit likely hard to apply for. 

You’ll Float Too

We’re appreciative of the shapeshifting cards. How beneficial is it that the rewards accumulated with this card can span different universes and even transfer between stores? While this one is a fun card, the rewards cycle is very long. Benefits only accumulate every 27 years. 

The rewards of this card outweigh the long benefit cycle, so we’re ranking this as the #3 card in terms of what you get back. 

Gringott’s Bank

For every purchase with muggle money, wizards get a percentage back thanks to the Gringott’s credit card. That sounds feasible and reasonable. What takes this card a step further is that wizards can also use it to convert muggle money into wizard money. This is a nice touch because usually, exchange rates can be frustrating. 

Face it, you’d love to go run up a credit card in Diagon Alley. 

Force Rewards 

Whether you’re a Jedi or Sith Lord, you can benefit from spending with this credit card. Of course, everyone has different financial needs (and means), which is to say that should you need something from the “Light” side of the force, or the “Dark” side, you’re covered. 

We like the inclusivity of this rewards program, but who doesn’t love cashback? 

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