Sleep… zzz, zzz…. why does it seem to me that on the night’s when I feel most tired, and seem to need sleep the most – that those are the nights I sleep the worst, and end up getting up early? A recent study says that people who sleep less than six hours a night are more likely to die prematurely (according to researchers in Italy and the UK). What’s funny is that the same study also noted that people who sleep too much, are also at a higher risk for death.

So what’s the optimal number of hours to sleep per night? 6-8, the study shows. Researchers however have not quite figured out why sleep is important to good health. I do find that strange.

These days, people are sleeping less & less, as demands on life increases, and other things vie for our precious time. Setting goal, establishing priorities, and keeping your focus are important. Family life, work, and the responsibilities of life can all be draining – but also incredibly fulfilling. Making sure you balance your schedule properly is going to be key to living a healthy life.

One thing I’ve found however, studies and research aside, is that my body seems to know best… and my spirit even better! Perhaps waking up early on a day when I wish I could be sleeping more is not such a bad thing. Maybe taking advantage of this quiet time (the calm of the morning) is exactly what I need to better my health, and re-energize my spirit.

CBC News story

Life was simpler, when I was young… Looks like me and my dad had no problem sleeping anytime, anywhere.
What are your thoughts on sleep?

sleeping with my dad