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How Does Spam Worm It's Way Into The Social Media Web?

How Does Spam Worm It’s Way Into The Social Media Web?

If you use social media web sites then this guide will tell you what you need to know about spam worms and how they could lead to more critical attacks.

‘Here You Have’ my opinion, enticing users to click.

I like to compare the internet to real life, as a way of helping people understand information security. I am often amazed at how people who are so quick to be sure their homes and cars are protected do not even give a second thought to their online security. For some reason there is still...

Autorun malwares dominate 2010.

You may be surprised to discover that Virus Bulletin's recent malware prevalence report claims autorun malwares (autorun worms) as the most prevalent malware thus far in 2010, with over 10.7% of all globally reported infections being of the autorun nature. In second place were visual basic scripts and in third Conficker / Downadup. ...

Conficker continues to spread

Conficker (AKA Downadup, Conflicker) has been the single most persistently irritating piece of malware since 2003's SQL SLAMMER.

The most destructive viruses ever.

What are the most destructive viruses ever? Viruses have been wreaking havoc on computers since 1986 when the first virus, known as BRAIN showed up on the scene. Brain is considered to be the first virus found on PC's and infected MS-DOS. Over the past 24 years there have been over 65,000...