Selecting an outfit – it sounds so simple, so why is it so complicated? Add in a dress code or a specific event to dress for and it’s that much more difficult to decide on the appropriate attire. If only there was some sort of straightforward guide that would magically provide us with an outfit solution for any event or occasion.

In a recent study conducted by Mulberrys Cleaners, respondents weighed in on things like the most confusing dress code (semi-formal), the no-fail first date outfit (jeans), and whether it’s acceptable to wear colors to a funeral (jury’s still out). In many instances, men and women are in agreement on attire, but it’s interesting to see where their thoughts differ like, for instance, which event they think is the most difficult to get dressed for. Some of the most interesting overall results pertain to job interviews, which can be especially confusion outfit terrain to navigate as more companies move towards a relaxed, casual work environment.

The graphics below lay out all of the interesting insights that resulted from the study that just may help you select the right outfit the next time you’re headed out on a first date or to a job interview.