New fitness classes and regimens are being developed and offered all the time. There are so many options for getting fit. You can try traditional gyms, where you purchase a typically low-cost membership. However, boutique fitness classes have become all the rage. They’re competing with major gyms at this point, too. Some of the most popular options are barre, CrossFit, spin, and power yoga, but that’s not all.

From yoga to boxing, pilates to rowing, CrossFit and more, there’s a fitness class for everyone and anyone. The classes are led by instructors who really love their job, their clients, and their own fitness experiences. The music is great, the classes are intense but fun, and the group setting means there are others who will experience pain beside you.

Getting fit shouldn’t be boring. Being healthy and keeping your body in good shape is best for you long term. That means finding a fitness regimen or exercise routine that you like is really important. Fortunately, there are hundreds – no, thousands – of different kinds of exercise classes, fitness routines, or sports to play. As the boutique fitness craze catches on all over even more classes are being offered.

Boutique fitness classes are all about the experience. Which is why it’s become commonplace to pay up to $32 per drop-in class at a boutique fitness studio of choice. Investing in your health is important, so it’s useful to know what the prices of these classes are in your area. These maps show the average costs of drop-in and monthly unlimited memberships to each of the most popular types of boutique fitness classes.

Drop-in cost of barre Monthly unlimited package of barre Drop-in cost of Crossfit Unlimited package of Crossfit Drop-in cost of power yogaSee the cost of Power Yoga monthly unlimited packages

drop-in cost of spin

Unlimited package of spin