Sometimes, being a woman can feel a bit… unfair, for lack of a better term. Women have a lot of difficult situations in life that men simply don’t have to deal with (think: pregnancy and menstrual cycles). As if the pain of childbirth wasn’t enough, females also have to face a plethora of gender bias. Gender inequality has been a hot topic lately as many female actresses have come forward to ask, “what’s the deal here, why should a male be paid more than a female?”

Income isn’t the only area which might put women a few steps behind men when it comes to budgeting. As it turns out, female products tend to cost a pretty penny more than the same products that are branded for men. knows that sticking to a budget can be a difficult task. After thinking of the differences they’ve noticed in the pricing of female beauty essentials, they decided to do a little further research.  

The PromoCodesForYou team compared products of equal value for both men and women from popular stores such as Walmart, Target, and Nordstrom to see what the true price difference is between the genders. Their research uncovered, unsurprisingly, that women will have to dish out more cash for the same products. The grand total, however, is quite shocking. A total difference of more than $450 was at the bottom line. This isn’t even including some of those extra products that females frequently purchase which males don’t such as feminine hygiene products, bras, and makeup.

Check out some of the totals below:

So, what does this mean for the women out there? Next time you’re shopping for the essentials, consider purchasing the men’s version instead. Some might say that male razors actually tend to work better than female razors anyway. Or, write some letters and start protesting these major pricing differences!

To see the full breakdown of both toiletries and clothing products, you can view the study here.