Whether you’re looking for the perfect day to get married or the perfect day to do an excursion, we have you covered. 


The Black Tux made a list of the best and worst days to get married based on the weather in different cities — however, we think this information can be used for much more than just getting married. If you’re looking for the best day to go camping, visit the zoo, go to the beach, or another activity that involves a lot of time spent outdoors, you can use these dates as a guide for the perfect day outdoors.


These days were determined by historical weather data. The Black Tux found the dates in each city over the past few years with no recorded rain and great temperatures as well as the dates with the most severe temperatures and rain.

If you live in any of these cities, mark these days down in your calendar. Even if it’s months away, if you keep the day in mind, you can be reminded ahead of time that you should take advantage of the great weather. It’s pretty different for every city (understandably), so it’s not just a spring or fall type of thing. Phoenix’s best day is coming up soon in April, so make the most of April 3rd before it gets too hot. Charlotte and Nashville come soon after Phoenix, as the best days for both cities are in May.

With the best days also come the worst. The good news is that a lot of the worst days for many cities have already passed, as January is typically a rough month for most places. Unfortunately for Boston and Houston, Valentine’s Day takes the crown as the worst day of the year weather-wise. Make sure that if you have plans for Valentine’s Day in Boston or Houston, you’re either bundled up or prepared for the rain. Columbus’ worst day comes just 2 days after that.


While some of the best days may fall on a weekday, you can still do something. Take a walk around town, go out for lunch, or spend some time outdoors if you can. Or, if you are still planning your wedding, you can use this guide for it’s intended purpose, which is to find the best day to get married.


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