We hear it every day: “I need my coffee.” It’s a feeling that many of us share as we attempt to power through our day. But, if you were put into the position of not having coffee for the rest of your life or choosing to give up something else, would you stick by coffee?


SimpleTexting conducted a survey asking people what they would give up for coffee if given the choice. They asked about four different comparisons: coffee or sugar, coffee or alcohol, coffee or social media, and coffee or phone. While a few of these options these may seem like a no-brainer to some, others would do anything to keep their coffee. Keep reading to see the results of the survey.



The first question respondents were asked was if they would rather give up coffee or their cell phone. Surprisingly, over 41% of people said they would give up their entire phone just to keep their coffee. For disconnecting from pretty much everything to savor the caffeine boost of coffee is truly bold.


Respondents were also asked if they would give up all social media for coffee. About two-thirds of people said they would give up all social media to keep their coffee. For some people, this may be easy, as many people are giving up social media anyway — and it’s much easier than giving up your entire phone.


Aside from technology, respondents were also given the choice between coffee and alcohol or coffee and sugar. For both options, the overwhelming majority chose to give up sugar and alcohol over coffee.  Hopefully, those who give up sugar understand that you can’t continue to put sugar in your coffee if you already do.


While these results are definitely interesting, sometimes it is concerning to see how much people crave coffee. Caffeine addiction can be serious, and seeing the lengths that people would go to in order to fuel that addiction is shocking.


What would you give up for coffee? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!