The end of the year is one of the best times of the year — that’s something so many people can agree on. Who doesn’t like the holidays? 

Fall Fun

When fall rolls around, pumpkin patches are set up and so are spook farms, hayrides, and other autumn activities become popular like apple picking and hosting bonfires. Haunted houses are set up and horror movies play on repeat on all of the popular channels. 

Quickly after Halloween and the fun of the early fall fades into late autumn when leaf-peeping becomes popular and folks take scenic drives, hikes, and more to enjoy it. Thanksgiving comes next,  encouraging friends and family to gather around great food and speak to their gratitude. 

Oh, and don’t forget the tasty treats Thanksgiving dinner usually yields. Pumpkin or apple pies, spiced apple cider, delicious Turkey…  

Top Searched Fall Activities

This past fall, Americans all over were looking for things to do with their family and friends. Next Day Blinds appreciates these fun fall activities and wanted to see where they were the most popular. The most popular fall activities are in the infographic below. 

top searched fall activities by state chart

Winter Wonders

The holiday season brings with it an air of excitement. It lingers in the air like the evergreen scent of pine, sometimes laced with the sweetness of fresh-baked cookies or the effervescence of Christmas cheer. When December 1st rolls around the countdown to Christmas is on and people are on the hunt for fun holiday activities to do with their loved ones. 

Jack Frost officially will be here on December 21st which is fantastic because the top searched winter activity is ice-skating. Looking for some other wintertime activities? Next Day Blinds also took a look at the top searched winter activities. You can see them below. 


It will be interesting to see if the data and search trends change after the current holiday season. What will your state’s favorite activity be next year? 

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