This time of year, everyone is searching for the best gift options for their friends and family. It feels like every time you get down to the final few, you realize that there’s another party or gift swap that you need to bring a gift to. And nobody wants to be that person who brings a candle or a gift card, but let’s face it, we are all running out of ideas. Or you thought you were, until you see this gift guide! 

If you are totally into the horoscope scene and believe that your zodiac sign plays into your personality enough that your gift preferences are affected, this gift guide takes it to the next level, there are so many amazing options here for different price ranges. 

Is your best friend a Virgo? Well then she will love getting low maintenance gifts because she’s a low maintenance girl. Maybe go for something like a super comfy sweater and a biography book. She won’t be disappointed!

Maybe your girlfriend is a Gemini? Get her a gift that will keep on giving! Think of things like subscription boxes that deliver makeup, self-care products or wine right to her doorstep every month. Plus, everyone loves a lazy Sunday with a glass of wine and a face mask. 

And when it comes to shopping for Capricorns, be sure to stick with the basics, according to the gift guide. If you’re looking to pick up a clothing item for the Capricorn in your life, go for a classic pair of dark wash jeans. They’ll likely pair them with a power blazer on weekdays or their favorite graphic tee on weekends. Best of both worlds.

If you’re struggling to figure out what to get for the last few people on your list, look no further than this gifting guide, it is absolutely perfect.

View the full gift guide here.