In 1926, the first super car went 84 mph, a speed that was breath-taking and revolutionary at the time. Fast forward to 2010, where the Bugatti Veyron goes an astounding 267 miles per hour. Not that such a speed can be maintained for long, but the fact that this car can go from 0-60 mph in just 2.6 seconds should leave you shaking your head!

The Price you Pay for Going 267 MPH:

  • You’ll wear the tires out in just 15 minutes.
  • Replacement tires cost $70,000 as your car must be shipped to France.
  • The 26.4 gallon gas tank will be running on fumes in 12 minutes.
  • The Veyron consumes 12,416 gallons of air per minute – that’s as much as a man breathes in 4 days!

Other things that make our modern supercar unique:

  • Made from 3 sections, the car is only help together with 14 bolts.
  • Each Veyron, of which only 300 will be made, is unique and slightly different than all the others.
  • Building a radiator takes 3 days.
  • Welding the fuel tank takes 8 days.

Want to know more about the incredible journey super cars have taken in the last 89 years?

The Evolution of the 250+ MPH SupercarGraphic provided by HR Owen