It seems like the Queer Eye Fab Five are popping up everywhere. On magazine covers, book covers, and even on Capitol Hill. You can’t turn on your TV or open social media without them popping up, which then makes you want to tune into their hit Netflix show.

We all have our favorite member of the Fab Five, whether it’s because you like their style or personality, it’s almost impossible to watch the show without thinking “This show would not exist without Tan” or “I just can’t imagine the Fab Five without Jonathan Van Ness.”

A study came out recently by Bespoke Surgical that ranked the favorite Fab Five members in each state and let’s just say America loves Mr. JVN. Bespoke says they used Google Trends search interest data collected from January 2017 (the announcement of the reboot) to February 2019 (the announcement of Season Three). They then compared the search interest on the names of the Fab Five members and analyzed that data to determine the most popular in each state.

Bespoke Surgical

By no surprise to anyone, JVN is the favorite in 24 states. Karamo won over 12 states, Tan has nine states on his side, Antoni came in with four, and sadly Bobby only had two.

The study also looked at who was the most popular by region. Of course, with JVN winning over the majority of the states, he also won the west, midwest, and northeast regions. But Karamo took home the south!

Bespoke Surgical

I wonder if people would still love Queer Eye just as much if it was just Jonathan Van Ness making people pretty? I think America needs to start spreading the love to all the other members of the Fab Five!