loose tweets sink fleets, twitter security, twitter guide, deleting a tweetIf I suggested that two of the most popular past-times on the internet right now are Facebook and Twitter then I think you’d probably agree with me. Whilst Facebook is something that you check once or twice a day, Twitter is something that you use all day long. So How do you tweet? Do You Tweet More than You Should? When you are at home you either use a Twitter client or the actual web page to make postings. If you are on the go, then you can use the twitter client that is available on your cell phone.

Over Exposure

As I said, no matter what you are doing, you can easily be exposed to Twitter and your circle of friends on there all day long if you want to. If you are a heavy user of Twitter then you know that a person can easily be addicted to being on there all day but this might have some drawbacks for the average user – not only can you start to waste too much time being on there, you can also start to leak out secrets about your personal life that you didn’t mean to.

When most people think they have said something that goes too far on Twitter they just delete the Tweet. But deleting a tweet may not be enough to get it off everyone’s device that may have received the Tweet but it is enough so that it will not be in the official records.

You Talk Too Much

But just saying one bad thing about your personal life is not the only way that someone can get information about you off of Twitter – they can start to pick up clues by the different things that you say over many sessions. For example, if someone was trying to find out the name of your girlfriend and you were trying to keep it a secret, they can find it out in many different ways. One way is if you exposed where you picked her up from work one day – if you say the name of the company they can use Google and your name to try and cross reference the two and then if you mentioned that the two of you were going to be at a fancy restaurant on Friday this can help the stalker even more. Now they have a chance to go see the face of your girlfriend.

Once they have a face, they can easily get the name.

There are so many different ways that you can connect the dots by just the little pieces of information that you leak on Twitter. If they just look at your timeline for the last couple of days then that could be all that they need. If you want to keep parts of your life unknown on social services like Twitter then you need to be as vague as possible when discussing certain parts of your life. I know that you are going to want to talk about things that have happened to you but if you do not want someone to be able to pry too deeply then you really must be very vague about things.

Hopefully you now know a little about keeping your information private on social networks so now may be time to learn a little about Twitter security. Stay safe folks.

Image Credit: Brian Lane Winfield Moore, WWII Propaganda posters.