mylikes review frustrated with scams and false advertisingI don’t know if I Like, MyLikes anymore. This MyLikes review will let you know why I’m seriously disappointed with the service as of late. Though I have made money with MyLikes and have found numerous quality products to promote (in the past) lately my feelings have changed. Though MyLikes has received a lot of great reviews and has proven itself as a money maker for many using it to earn cash through twitter or facebook, I’ve become quite jaded with the MyLikes service and am increasingly unimpressed with the quality of opportunities available on MyLikes. Some of my greatest concerns lie with the fact that MyLikes is now directly giving members an opportunity to promote scams and false advertising!

MyLikes Review: Promoting Scams with MyLikes

Here’s a MyLikes opportunity that you can promote and earn from clicks, but beware you would be promoting a scam. The “Make Money with Google Course” uses the good name of google to con people into believing they can earn money working from home by doing who knows what, but first you have to buy the course (don’t worry you can get it for only $15 instead of $97 like everyone else!). I don’t really feel bad for people who fall for scams like this, who in their right mind pays an employer to employ them? But anyway, it’s still NOT RIGHT that MyLikes is allowing an advertiser to use this service to promote and push scams.

make money with google scam mylikes reviewThe above scam has been debunked by Snopes, there are a lot of variations of the wording (including the Make Money with Yahoo version) but you can rest assured Google isn’t hiring and paying anyone to work from home. (Find out the details from snopes research, here.)

Promoting False Advertising on MyLikes

Or if you like you can promote some ads that say one thing but actually redirect to something totally different. There are a number of variations on the below opportunity, and the advertiser will gladly pay you $.15 per clicks from within the United States… while the suggested tweet says “This is SO COOL! Enter your name in this site and in seconds find out who has been searching for u on the net!” and the advertiser link is posted as, when clicked the site actually redirects to In addition can you explain to me how this title and picture have anything to do with anything!?!?

mylikes false advertising 2 scam MyLikes review

Promoting Plain Garbage on MyLikes

Besides scams and straight up false advertising there is now just a LOT of garbage opportunities on MyLikes that I would never take. I’ve written about blogging integrity over at my friend Ileane’s blog, Basic Blog Tips, you can read that article here. I want my twitter followers to trust and respect my tweets, to know that the things I’m promoting (whether I’m paid to or not) are worthy of their attention. In the past I’ve mistakenly promoted ads that I wish I hadn’t (and now I always follow the URL and check what I’m tweeting about BEFORE I click publish). If I’m going to promote something I want it to be quality and worthwhile, not like A LOT of the opportunities available on MyLikes these days. Take a look at some of these offers you could tweet out and get paid for, “Can you tell the difference between Chinese and Japanese? Take this quiz!” are you serious? Or promote with the wonderfully thought out tweet “Did you know what Barbie’s real name is?”. Perhaps if you’re a health nut you can promote Resveratrol… which has been claimed by some researchers to potentially be responsible for the positive effects that red wine has on cardiovascular health. Personally I wouldn’t want my name and reputation attached to tweets for any of these silly and ridiculous things (though some of them may well be legitimate). My online integrity is too important to try and make money by pushing useless, and unhelpful content on my followers and readers.

Where are you at with MyLikes? Like it, Love it, Hate it?

It’s your turn. MyLikes? I don’t know if I like MyLikes anymore… Where are you at with the service. Do you use it? Have you noticed the quality of opps has changed? Or perhaps you get excellent opportunities that fit with your niche and earn you a good chunk of cash? Or maybe you don’t care and you’ll promote anything – if the fools click it that is their problem… Let’s hear your thoughts. If you agree or disagree share your MyLikes review here in the comments.

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