From paper straws to reusable grocery bags, we’ve seen efforts ramp up across the U.S. to try and become more eco-friendly. It’s been shown that even the slightest lifestyle changes can go a long way to help our planet. But just how willing are Americans to adjust their everyday habits?

Turbohaul, a bulk trash and junk removal service, conducted a nationwide survey asking Americans about their habits and feelings toward going green to see just how eco-friendly they are. 

The survey revealed that 73% of people recycle most or all of their recyclable trash items. This news is no shock as recycling has become a more mainstream topic in recent years and resources have become more readily available.

While an emphasis has been placed on doing your part to become environmentally conscience, over half of the survey respondents (56%) say they feel pressure to practice a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Even 60% of millennials say they’ve pretended to care about the environment more than they actually do, a statistic that could potentially be attributed back to feeling pressured.

Next to recycling, another big topic in the environment-saving discussion is travel and the impact fossil fuels have on the planet. It seems that Gen-Z is already pretty eco-friendly when it comes to getting around, as 73% of the respondents from that generation walk, bike, or use public transportation instead of driving daily. 33% of overall respondents even said they’d be willing to switch from driving to walking, biking, or using public transportation. However, 31% said they would not limit their air travel to help the environment.

Overall, the survey revealed a very honest truth. Many see the importance of taking care of the planet and how their habits can easily contribute to its rise and fall. While there’s still work to be done, plenty have already started doing their part to help. 

You can view the full survey here.