how can a marketer use the ipad2 for internet marketingAround this time last year, the entire world was waiting for the initial launch of the original iPad. Seems like deja vu as Apple has already rolled out part two if its popular tablet series. As expected, the iPad 2 is flying off the shelves and the praise is building fast. The new and improved version has been hailed as an even better business tool, so let’s take a look at how marketers can use the updated features to their advantage.

iPad 2 Marketing with Video Integration

Businesses are increasingly turning to the video medium to engage audiences both on and offline. The more consumers crave video, the more important it will become for marketers to have video recording and management capabilities. Thanks to the iPad 2 and its two built-in cameras, you can now have both. Apple’s new tablet device is equipped for video calling and perfect for growing business needs such as video conferencing. With the iPad 2, integrating video into your marketing strategy is easier than ever. Count it getting even better as developers create apps to support this function.

iPad 2 Boosts Productivity

The original iPad didn’t receive too many complaints in the performance department, but the device was limited in what it could do because of its single core processor. With the addition of a dual core processor, the iPad 2 is able to handle twice the load. The new version has an easier time rendering graphics, speeding up multitasking, and running applications. Safari has also been updated and is now incredibly fast according to reviews. Combined with the dual core chip, enhanced web browsing speed should come in handy for today’s internet-based businesses with the need to boost productivity.

iPad 2 Showcases Media Content

One of the iPad 2’s most exciting features is support for HD. The sequel to Apple’s best selling tablet series includes an HDMI adapter that allows you to stream any content from the device to a high definition television set. Even more interesting is that the output function lets you display content on compatible HD projection screens. This feature has the potential to be quite useful in applications such as video presentations, conferences, and product demonstrations. Early reviews of the iPad 2 report that the HD quality is excellent so look for this feature to become popular in no time.

Will the iPad 2 turn out to be a valuable marketing tool? Time will tell, but for now, it looks as if Apple has done it again. With a sleeker and more stylish appearance, and a bundle of cool new features to play with, this one seems to outperform its predecessor in all the areas that count. There are tons of toys out there in the way of smartphones and mobile devices, but if you still have room in your chest of gadgets, this is one that may be worthy of picking up.

If marketing on the iPad 2 isn’t part of your plan, NOW is the time to take advantage of incredible pricing on the first generation iPad.

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