optimize your blog with article marketingA blog is a collection of different journal posts which focus on as specific subject. Blogs don’t require much technical knowledge to maintain and run. Many blogs are built for commercial interests; making revenue off advertisements, or promoting eBooks or businesses. Many of these blogs are increasing their revenue and traffic by making use of article marketing.

Article marketing refers to the submission of articles to article directories, which are basically websites that contain a collection of articles on various subjects. The main aim of this practice is to drive traffic to your blog. Article marketing will generate traffic which is relevant to your blog’s theme. In addition, you will build links to your website which don’t require reciprocity. Article marketing has been very effective in driving traffic to my blog which features webhostingpad coupons and register.com discounts.

So, how do you get started with article marketing? The first step is writing articles, otherwise there will be nothing to market. Once you build up a collection of articles, you need to look for niche article sites and directories in which you can submit the articles. In the course of time, you could have hundreds of articles submitted. This enormous task can be made easier by hiring a professional to produce articles and maintain the blog. Though it will mean an extra expense, you will reap the benefits later.

A blogger is usually more internet savvy compared to the average article writer. Bloggers know how to generate revenue through various advertising campaigns. These bloggers can enhance articles using well-researched keywords, thus increasing traffic to their blogs. When you have a large collection of articles in different directories, you will start seeing an increase in your blog traffic. Since article marketing is a relatively slow process, the effects will be slow initially. However, in the long term, the results will be evident. You can combine article marketing with other money making strategies, such as marketing products and advertising programs.