three basic marketing skills mastered on twitterThe world of marketing and promotions is always changing and evolving. With the introduction of new technologies and new methods for communication, marketing is in a state of constant motion. No doubt, social media has played a huge role in the evolution of marketing in to what it has become today. Much of basic marketing has become the mastering of social media marketing. Interestingly, some of the basics of Tweeting are key aspects of successful and profitable marketing. Use these three lessons taught by Twitter to better market your product or company to its specific audience.

Be Concise

There are plenty of voices out there condemning social media and text messaging for limiting our thoughts and conversations to 140 characters. While this is a legitimate complaint for some areas of life, many lessons can be learned from limited character length conversations. With marketing it is essential to be clear and concise. In this way, Twitter teaches an important marketing skill. By limiting your space, you are forced to make clear points that are specific and grabbing. This is key to successful marketing. If you are unable to express your marketing pitch in less than 140 characters, it is not likely that many people will stick around to read your entire pitch. Keep your marketing slogans short and to the point. As with Tweets, you want to find something that is interesting and unique among the masses while at the same time clear and concise.

Know Your Audience

Though we may not think of it often, a lot of social media use (particularly Twitter) involves reading and understanding your audience. Before a person puts something up on their Twitter account, they thoroughly evaluate who they are talking to. Just as you would not necessarily Tweet the same thing to your boss and parents as you would your friends and siblings, marketers must also read their audience carefully. Twitter demonstrates the importance of reading your audience. Marketing professionals must read their various audience demographics and develop marketing strategies for each group. Appeal is created by knowing how to sell something to the right individuals. Determine who your most successful customer base is and target towards them carefully.

Be Accessible

One major thing that social media and Twitter have introduced to us is the need to be constantly accessible and connected. While this can be trying for your every day social self, it is key to successful marketing. Tweeting is all about getting your message out there as much as possible. While viral marketing can be annoying at times for the consumer, it really does work for getting your product, brand, or company in the public view. Work to be always present in your consumers mind. By becoming an ever present entity in your audiences’ life, you are sure to better represent your product. Much of successful marketing is about connecting with your audience in a way that is honest and sincere while also being professional and persuasive. Create a marketing approach that encompasses all of these aspects of Tweeting for ultimate success.

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