twitter no no faux pasI’ve now published two articles on twitter etiquette (twitterquette) and they’ve been well received. What about twitter no-no’s. What NOT to do or tweet on twitter? Here are ten that I’ve come up with. What are your suggested twitter no-no’s?

1. One word tweets. At least put a few words together and have something make sense. Single word tweets mean nothing to pretty much everyone. This includes mentions that are nothing but a user name.
2. Old, old, news. Re-tweeting your discovery of a video that went viral four years ago is top notch lame! Everyone else on the internet has already seen it. Be happy you finally did and move on, no need to remind everyone.
3. Your upcoming blog post. Tweeting about the amazing blog post you’re going to write is ridiculous. Too often I see tweets mentioning “going to write (or publish) an amazing article soon” … well, tell us when it’s done!
4. Over tweeting! Few things are more annoying on twitter, than an automated post of about 20-30 tweets from one person. I don’t look at any of them, and I normally end up unfollowing.
5. Hash Tag Abuse. Use popular and established hashtags. Don’t make up your own.
6. Meaningless replies you mention and reply to someone but it seems to be a two-person conversation. Twitter is a public forum, if your posting public tweets make them understandable to everyone observing.
7. Your holiday plans. Like any other social networking site, twitter just isn’t a safe place. Tweeting your upcoming holiday plans and announcing your empty house to the world is extremely unwise.
8. Dangerous geo-tagging. Connected to #7, geo-tagging yourself can be dangerous, especially if you’ve pinpointed your house, and broadcasted your holiday plans. be wise.
9. Tweet stealing. If you like what someone said, give a proper mention or re-tweet.
10. Personal tweets. That’s what facebooks for, don’t you think?

Bonus mention: The ultimate twitter faux pas?

On twitter people want to know who you are and what you’re all about. What do you stand for? What do you tweet about? Are you a human? A profile pic, and a brief bio are key to using twitter properly. So ditch the default ‘twitter bird avatar’ and take a moment to write something about yourself. Leaving these two things out may be the ultimate twitter faux pas!

Would love to hear your opinions, and twitter faux pas that you think should have been included. Maybe I will post a second list!

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